Membership Development Fund

The Skål International Membership Development Fund (MDF) is aimed at embracing good ideas to raise the profile and membership of Skål International globally.

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The Membership Development Fund (MDF) is intended to help Skål International Clubs worldwide to increase membership and boost the organization activities.

The funds available for this grant are annually approved at the General Assembly, but also counts with voluntary contributions from Clubs, National and Area Committees, or even fund-raising events. 

Some of the activities or events eligible for the Membership Development Fund:

  • Formation/Reactivation of a Skål International Club. 
  • Function or other promotional event with a business focus. 
  • Skål International booth at a trade fair.
  • Workshops/Seminars. 
  •  Internet connection expenses for Skål International video display & Skype connection.    
  • Audio-visual hire costs (screen, microphone, speakers, etc.)
  • Accommodation, transportation costs, etc. 
  • Social Media Campaign creativities to promote events. 
  • Scholarships or internships for Young Skål.


How does the Membership Development Fund work?


If your Club needs funds to boost the membership recruitment, apply! 

Case Study 

Three Trustees carefully screen grant applications.

Grant Decision 

The applicant is informed as soon as possible of the resolution of the aid. 

After the event

The applicant must send a full report of the event to the MDF Trustees. 

The application form, completed in full including a description, the list of potential members and event budget and ROI, has to be submitted a minimum of three (3) weeks prior to the event to allow the Trustees to study the documents and decide on the fund granted. Retroactive requests for assistance will not be considered.

Membership Development Fund Trustees.

Our MDF Trustees are the persons holding the following positions:

Teresa Diaz Comas

Finance Vice President of the Skål International Executive Committee.
Gerona | Spain

Denise Scrafton

Senior VP of the International Skål International Council.

Daniela Otero Calvo

CEO of Skål International.

Funds will be transferred to the Clubs or National/Area Committees bank accounts or credited in the Clubs/NC account with Headquarters, upon submission of a budget reflecting the requested funds and invoices for the related expenditures. 

The final decision will be taken by the Trustees on a case-by-case basis and the Business Case for development put forward, the estimated ROI and available funds.

The funds cannot be used in other cause than the one indicated on the application form, otherwise, the Trustees may claim the grant approved.   

After the event

A full report should be sent to within three weeks after the event including:

We encourage Clubs and National/Area Committee to have their initiatives covered in the Skål International Newsletter or Skål Magazine.

  • On the event with membership growth and results evaluation.

  • The final invoices and receipts must be sent after the event to fulfil the Skål  International internal control standards. Otherwise, Skål International will be obliged to claim the amount granted to the beneficiary.

For any query regarding the Membership Development Fund, please contact us!

This Fund is for all of us.

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